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upcoming 2015-16 events & applications:

Kilbirnie Festival Fair Day, Sun 28 Feb 2016, our biggest annual event. Held on the beautiful site of Evans Bay Parade closed road, right beside SH1, and in the adjoining St Patrick's College grounds.

World Food Fair, part of Kilbirnie Festival, Sun 13 March 2016. Now includes Inflatables Day, with a HUGE range of NZ's best ENORMOUS inflatables! Market, craft and food stall sites available, at excellent prices. Food sites available at the World Food Fair and at the Inflatables site.

Stall applications for all the above highlighted events are now ready, along with site maps showing stall sites for you to choose from. We are hoping to have online booking and payments for all events soon as well


Performer? Get in touch! ps we don't have a lot of money. But the community love to see what you do! Word.docx (editable) or .PDF (to print)


New Stallholders? Click here for the on-line form to be included in our email list for future events

You can download market stall applications for our events here - sorry, not ready yet

Food Stallholders must complete and return, with your stall application and payment, pages 3 & 4 of the WCC food stalls form, available from the WCC website (click here) or a copy from our website (click here)

Biodegradable food containers, compulsory for all food sales at all our events, are available from many suppliers including

www.kiwigreenpak.co.nz, Moore Wilson's, and www.ayrpak.co.nz/eco-products

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